From May 2021 Google will be updating their search engine algorithm to include Page Experience signals.


Domain Registration

New licensing rules for .au domain names will come into effect for domain names registered after 12 April 2021 or domain names with expiry dates after 12 April 2021.

If you would like people to subscribe to your blog, we can create an RSS Feed and link that to Mailchimp. That way every time you create an article Mailchimp will send it via email to your subscribers.

Social Media Automation

This article talks about how you can automatically post your blog articles to your social media channels using and drupal.

Google Logo

As of April 21 2015, Google will be changing it's ranking algorithm to include mobile friendliness as a factor. This means that your ranking will drop for searches done on mobile devices, if you're website is not mobile friendly. We won't know the true impact of this until after April 21 but I would suggest that you start thinking about updating your website now to a responsive design.

Written 21/05/2009 by Heather Biggs

This article explains what phishing emails are and how to identify them, to ensure you do not get your money stolen.