Scheduling and Automating Social Media Posts with Drupal and

Social Media Automation

Recently we were asked by a client to help them automate posting of blog articles to their social media channels.

After doing some research we decided to implement a solution using and this article explains how we did it.

Required Modules

  • Taxonomy
  • Views
  • Scheduler
  • Metatag
  • Metatag: OpenGraph

Step 1 - Setup RSS Feeds for each of your social media channels in Drupal using views and taxonomy

Create a new taxonomy vocabulary called Social Media Channels.

Add each social media channel as a term. ie Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc

Add a new term reference field called Social Media Channels to your blog article content type and allow unlimited values.

Create a new feeds view for each of your social media channels and filter using the Social Media Channels taxonomy terms. Give the feed a  path. You will need this path later when you set up your account.

Step 2 - Create a account

The great thing about is that they offer a free account where you can post to 3 social media channels. If you need more than this you will need to upgrade to their pro plan.

Click here to create an account.

Step 3 - Add each feed and connect to the relevant social media channel

When you first create your account you will see the following screen.

If you have already setup  a feed you would get to this page by clicking on the Add New Feed button as shown below



In the Find a Feed field you need to enter the URL of your RSS Feed. will look for the feed and if it finds it will list it for adding as shown in the image below.

To add the feed click on the + symbol on the RHS.

On the next page, give your feed a meaningful name such as Facebook Feed for AAHB Blog Articles and choose your posting preferences then click on the Next: Connect Socials button on the bottom RHS of the page and the following page will appear.

If you have already connected any social channels then click on the Create New button and the above screen will appear.

In this example I will do a Facebook Feed.

If you are already signed into Facebook when you click on the Facebook icon, a list of Facebook profiles, groups and pages will be displayed that you can choose from. Click on the page you want to post to and click the Connect button on the buttom RHS of the page.

If you are not currently signed in to your Facebook account you will be prompted to do so.

Once your done, click on the Start Posting button and your done. If you chose to post any of your existing articles they should arrive on your Facebook Page within 15 minutes.

You can now repeat the process for your other social media channels.

Step 4 - Create and Schedule Blog Article and choose which Social Media Channels you want to post the article to.

Now when you create a new article you should see a new field allowing you to choose which Social Media Channels you would like this article to be posted to.

If you have also installed the Scheduler Module you will see a Scheduling Options tab on your page that looks like the image below.

If you want to write your articles ahead of time you can stagger the publishing of the articles so they don't all post on the same day.

Lastly in order for the scheduling to work properly, you need to setup cron to run every 30 minutes.

Step 5 - Setting up the Metatag: Opengraph module

If your posts are not using the image you would like you can install this module and override the settings for your article content type and default the Image field to your article image field.

If you would like us to setup this functionality on your website contact us today.